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Trade Marks is a field of activity that is assuming greater importance for clients who seek protection of their name, service, logo or trading style. This often complex area of name protection is explained in detail by our experienced personnel. Fees are charged in stages enabling our clients to cost searches more accurately. Further we are compatible to provide customized solution/ rates considering your immediate requirement and long term relations.
Trade Marks Services prepared and provided by PL team has been and proved reliable, affordable, quality applications for individuals, entrepreneurs, and Multinational companies.
The process starts with a Trademark Search. You will receive a report that identifies all similar existing trademarks to the one you are proposing. This report will assist you in making a decision to proceed with registration or make amendments to the proposed trademark.
Following are the procedural services offered by PL Trade Mark Team:

1. Detailed Trade Mark Search

Once you provide us with Word or Logo or a combination of the two, our TM team first proceeds with a general infringement search reporting on any marks registered which may be identical or similar to that of a proposed mark.

2. Pre-Registration Report

We advice if a mark is likely to attract objection on the grounds of descriptiveness because there are earlier similar marks registered.

3. Preparing and filing of a new TM application

After the complete analysis and review of Trademark search and availability respectively the expert TM team then prepares your Trademark application to be filed.

Our TM services also include:

1. Additional Class Registration
2. Renewals

The Intellectual Property is growing rapidly in present sophisticated technological world. The degree of protection required for Intellectual property also needs to match this dynamic growth. An inventor can only enjoy the full fruits of his invention if secured properly. Patents, Trademark s & copyrights preserve the Intellectual property of an organization or person. Utmost importance and Due diligence is required by them.

We, at Prodigy Legal, have made it our culture to provide complete protection to your Intellectual property and our motto is to deliver full client satisfaction. This integrated approach of handling complex cases has enabled us to make a positive difference for our clients. We also make sure that rates offered to you are very much reasonable and affordable. Moreover, we prefer to have long association with our clients and to serve them with our seasoned services in the future also. 
We will provide you with an NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) before talking about your Trademark.

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