SEC, FTC & IRS Compliance Services

Multi-national companies must be vigilant in monitoring regulatory requirements in the respective countries in which they do business. Keeping up with the changing regulatory environment and tracking statutory deadlines is not only a substantial administrative burden; it also carries significant downside risk to companies operating globally. Prodigy Legal’s global regulatory compliance practice works with legal compliance managers to assist them in designing accurate and efficient monitoring systems which leverage technology thereby enhancing both their monitoring and reporting capabilities.

We work with clients, to identify their particular regulatory needs. We coordinate and collect information required for such compliance or reporting purposes and assist clients in preparing and finalizing such documents.

We efficiently review, organize, code and synopsize scanned documents in preparation for litigation or in connection with due diligence of a large transaction. We tailor our document review services to the specific needs of our clients. By working with many web-based software programs, we are able to provide the most efficient and flexible review services. We are also able to provide a finished result that is compatible with our clients’ existing document review software programs.


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