Recent Outsourced Project

Bulk drafting of Complaint & Summons for No-Fault Insurance Law Firm.

Start 08/15/2008 to Present

Our Seasoned Legal Taskforce has been honored by a renonwned Insurance law firm to handle bulk drafting of Complaint and Summons. Further preparation of high end Motions including but not limited to extensive research for caselaw, statue & law.



We provide Legal Solutions using a mix of custom designed data processes, delivery teams (US & India), operational team consisting of experienced and talented Lawyers, Software engineers, domain experts and US Attorneys to automate processes and smoothest transition possible.
Our Solutions go beyond Cost reduction and involve customized designing solutions that incorporate talent management, process improvements for better reporting, metrics and results. 

We believe in optimum utilization of Global resources and secure benefits of sophisticated technology. We understand the initial concerns related with Legal Process Outsourcing or Legal Off shoring, henceforth, the following FAQ will eliminate any concerns associated with Legal Outsourcing.

What is Outsourcing (LPO) ?

Outsourcing can be defined as delegation of one or more (non-core) business processes to an external supplier, who in turn owns, administers and manages those processes based upon predefined and measurable performance metrics. It is a business decision that is often made to focus on core competences.

Why outsource legal services?

Technological advancement, modernized communication and transport systems have noticeably narrowed the gap between the two points of the globe. The refined and advanced methods of document processing and efficient networking systems have facilitated delegation of legal work to an outside agency at the click of a mouse. 
Some of the benefits of outsourcing and off shoring are as follows:
-Increases efficiency: Outsourcing legal documentation and legal research projects by the attorneys allows them to concentrate on their key issues thus enabling them to maintain their profit equation rate i.e. rate, utilization and realization.
-Specialized legal services: Attorneys can obtain high quality and specialized legal services by agencies that have expertise in the field of legal documentation, writing and research.
-Ease time pressures: Outsourcing helps the attorneys focus on core tasks that demand personal attention and save time on legal research, writing, documentation which helps in managing their schedules effectively.
-Better Client relationship: PL helps you to save valuable time and to strengthen your client relationship. You create a strong bond for a long term relationship.
-Flawless Services: We have reviewed many cases in which an adverse party has paid extensive damages only because of pity mistakes in Research and understanding of law. We have substantial resources to put enough time for your Project. We'll never rush through and you'll have deliverables on which you can rely on.

-Cost effective: Outsourcing legal research and writing on a project-by-project basis reduces the costs which the attorneys and law firms would incur on legal and paralegal staff. Moreover, due to a considerable wage-disparity, legal support services from lower cost markets brings down the high labor costs without compromising on quality and efficiency.

How can a non-licensed legal entity deal with legal projects?

We, at Prodigy Legal assist attorneys, law firms and other similar organizations in providing legal support services as back-end execution team. We are not a Law Firm and do not render legal advice. None of our Attorney is a practicing with any bar or jurisdiction, hence, eliminating slightest of Unauthorized Practice concern. Thus, obtaining a license is not mandatory for providing these services.

Does the requesting attorney’s responsibility diminish on outsourcing?

PL only works for other attorneys, law firms and similar organizations and in no way whatsoever makes court appearances and its work product is constituted solely for the review of the attorneys using its services. Though we would never compromise on the quality levels of its output but still the requesting attorneys must realize that they are ultimately responsible for the work they provide to their clients, and delegation of research projects to PL does not diminish their ultimate responsibility for the final work product.

Why to use Prodigy Legal services?

PL offers best seasoned legal services at very reasonable rates as compared. Our legal services are billed at below-market rates, and our Law Society permits lawyers to add a premium to our hourly rates when invoicing clients, provided this is communicated to and approved by the client. This allows your firm to make a profit every time you outsource to us.
In addition, we are able to adjust our fees for non-profit organizations, governments and charities, and we provide volume discounts to firms, companies, government agencies and organizations that frequently utilize our services.
We have variety of pricing plans as per our clients' wish depending upon their needs:

  • hourly rates
  • flat Project oriented fees arrangements
  • result oriented fees for litigation support projects
  • customized rates for long term requirements
  • full-time equivalent arrangement (shared or dedicated personnel), and

    -part-time arrangement

What is the turnaround time?

We are committed to meeting tight deadlines and providing fast, efficient service. Case law research and editing projects can generally be done within one to two days, while more complex research papers, memoranda or facta can be turned around within a week to 10 days. 
PL recognizes that some clients require complex projects to be completed within a shorter time frame, and we are committed to accommodating them. However, rush rates may apply, depending on the project..

What format is used to deliver the results of your research?

Our reports can be delivered on paper, electronic file and CD-ROM..

What about confidentiality?

PL has a Non-Disclosure Agreement with each of its clients which is signed and sealed by both the parties before initiating work on any project. Since we deal with information that is highly confidential, PL implements a variety of physical and electronic measures designed to protect such information. PL guarantees the confidentiality to its clients. Our implemented measures for Confidentiality:

  • We Protect Confidential Information by Redacting Sensitive Information
  • Secure FTP emails
  • Security compliance with European Data Trasfer Requirements for International Ediscovery
  • 24 hour Backup of Data
  • Physical Security Measures are insured
  • Ensured Stripping of Meta-data and Information about Track Changes
  • We Provide Separate Storage Devices to Individual Clients
  • Highly Secure 7-Eframework data transfer
  • Encryption Software are installed
  • Indian Legal study incorporates an intense study of Legal ethics pertaining to Client Confidentiality,
  • Conflict of interests, dangers of elevator speech, obligations regarding Pro

I would like to use Prodigy Legal services. What do I do next?
Simply submit an Online Request form or Email or Chat or Call or contact our office by telephone, fax or email, and we would be pleased to discuss your project with you.

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