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The Intellectual Property is growing rapidly in present sophisticated technological world. The degree of protection required for Intellectual property also needs to match this dynamic growth. An inventor can only enjoy the full fruits of his invention if secured properly. Patents, Trademarks & copyrights preserve the Intellectual property of an organization or person. Utmost importance and Due diligence is required by them.

We, at Prodigy Legal, have made it our culture to provide complete protection to your Intellectual property and our motto is to deliver full client satisfaction. Our team of seasoned Patent attorneys accompanied with technical, software, Bio & chemical engineers consider all the aspects of your invention and put best efforts to make you take secure and optimum use of your invention. We also have a team of expert Professor’s to assist in complex Patents. We also make it sure that rates offered to you are very much reasonable and affordable. Moreover, we prefer to have long association with our clients and to serve them with our seasoned services in the future also.

Our experienced Patent Attorneys have attained expertise with drafting, patentability search and filling of-

  • Utility Patents 

Utility Patents protect the new and useful functions, machines, manufacture, products, processes, and compositions of an invention or any subsequent new and useful improvement.

  • Design Patent

Design Patents protect the cosmetic appearance of an invention, such as the new, original and ornamental design for an article of manufacture.

  • Plant Patent

Plant patents protect plants that are reproduced artificially, i.e. without using seeds. This includes plants reproduced by grafting, budding, cutting, layering or division. A plant Patent provides the inventor with the exclusive right to reproduce the plant.

Our step by step procedure for filling a Non-Provisional Patent Application:

  • Kick-off Meeting

Our team extensively discusses the Key points of your patent which further provide us with exact specifications in further process.

  • Patentability Search

Our Patent attorneys go through a deep & extensive search in regard to your invention. Analyses of existing patents of the similar nature and what differs yours from them is conducted. 

  • Prior-art Report

Prior-art Report formulated after the extensive search tells about the previous existing patents in regard to the present invention. The quality’s of the present invention and the cutting edge it possess over others. If there is severe issue with the present invention, recommendations to eliminate the flaws are included.

  • Patent Drafting

Our Patent attorneys with assistance of relevant engineers/professional start working over the Patent application of your invention.

  • Claims

Claims are the most vital component of your Patent application as grant of a Patent by USPTO much depends on the claims. Further, properly drafted claims are also very important for prosecution and security. We take extra care while drafting the claims and make sure that they do not infringe any prior patent.

  • Filing

Improper filing by not complying with the rules & procedure of USPTO can easily result in the rejection of the Patent. Our experienced Patent attorneys are much acquainted with the rules and procedure of USPTO and properly file your patent.

There are essentially three legal requirements that an invention must satisfy to qualify for a patent. They are:

a) Novelty: This implies that the invention should be something ‘new’ and not be identical to an invention disclosed in a single piece of prior art.
b) Non-obviousness: This implies that the invention should not be obvious in relation to a single piece of prior art.
c) Utility: This implies that the invention should have useful industrial application and commercial significance.

Please note that a patent cannot cover a pure law of nature, a discovery, an abstract idea, scientific theories or business ideas. In addition, there may be a period of limitation applicable to a given invention.
We will provide you with a NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) before talking about your invention.

Please feel free to contact us for a free evaluation report regarding your Invention. We would be much obliged to serve you with our patent services regarding your innovation.


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