Litigation Support

Prodigy Legal’s Litigation Support Services Practice focuses on assisting global law firms, private attorneys and individuals with the ever-increasing complexities associated with litigation matters. Our experienced, professional and well-trained litigation support team of competent lawyers, project management and the operational staff are zealous vis-à-vis every project, be it in anticipating obstacles, identifying ways to manage and in supporting matters efficiently to meet the expectations of the clients in order to render the best litigation support possible. We review and organize documents as appropriate for relevance and materiality in litigation and government investigations. At Prodigy Legal, you get access to finest litigation support services feasible.

We offer dedicated service in the following areas:

  • Drafting Briefs/Memos
  • E - Discovery
  • Document Review & Analysis
  • Preparation of Interrogatories & Deposition Summaries
  • Technical Writing
  • Drafting Complaints and response to Complaints
  • Drop in Arguments for Briefs and Letters
  • Summaries of On-Point Case
  • Writing Arguments
  • Drafting licenses and other contracts
  • Any other Litigation papers.
  • Case evaluation
  • Early case Assessment.
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