Legal Research and Analysis Services

The best briefs and other legal documents feed on accurate and thorough research. Prodigy Legal’s legal research and analysis team offers authenticated and result-oriented legal research and analysis services to the clients, after an exhaustive research on any issue to come out with an outcome in any format sought by the client. Our team can handle legal research in virtually any jurisdiction or area of the law. Prodigy Legal utilizes state-of-the-art methodologies and research tools to enable efficient legal research service, ensuring a work product to meet its clients' deadlines. We bank on resources like Lexis Nexis, Westlaw, and PACER ever so many Law Journals.
Prodigy Legal's offers the following legal research & analysis services:

  • Analyzing federal, state, and administrative case-laws, concerning topics such   as employment law, taxation, bankruptcy, intellectual property, business torts,   mass torts, civil procedure, contracts, real estate, corporate governance,   reinsurance, and ethics
  • Legislative History Research
  • Foreign Law Research
  • Secondary Source Research
  • Regulatory and Administrative Law Research
  • Multi-jurisdictional Survey
  • Legal Analysis & Writing
  • Legal opinion/Second Opinion
  • Statutory Law Research
  • Bill Tracking Research
  • Jury Verdict & Settlement Research
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