Document Review Services

Our Document Review Team provides substantial relief from extortionate Discovery integral to huge litigations including and related to international transactions. Our seasoned services include pre-litigation discovery matter. Request and Responses are also prepared under the directions of hiring firm. We are compatible and experienced to perform huge complex Discovery efficiently with affordable rates even under time construe situations. Our sophisticated technology, multiple level QC and proficiency with Concordance and Stratify helps us deliver efficient e-discoveries. Our team has worked on complex document Review Projects for:
1. Relevancy Review
2. Privilege Review
3. Hot Document Review

We clearly understand the importance of domain experts in a team of Document Review working on a particular case, to meet the requirements of a specific Document Review Project.

Case Study

Our Electriconics Experts were our Mantra to perform quality review pertaining to a TFT Patent Infringement Litigation.
In a package, we are also compatible to provide you professional and very affordable scanning and document methodiation. We are also able to provide a finished result that is compatible with your existing document review software programs.


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