Bankruptcy Services

We can proficiently provide the following services on the debtor side to Bankruptcy attorneys in Chapter 7 & Chapter 13: 

  • Assisting in the preparation of court documents, Pleadings, discovery, and general correspondence
  • Preparing and filing response to motion and claims and supplemental fee application
  • Electronic court filing (ECF) and service of pleadings, and generally facilitating the     filing of documents with the US bankruptcy court.
  • Monitoring docket sheets.
  • Updating and maintaining legal database.
  • Perform an online civil and/or criminal court records search using Westlaw or Lexis Nexis.
  • Obtain Kelley Blue Book or NADA market values for automobiles
  • Prepare any additional local forms depending on the jurisdiction.
  • Online lien search for real property.
  • Compile a Summary Sheet with any additional information that should require the attorney's attention

Our team is well versed in using bankruptcy tools like Best Case, etc." We have an active account and experience using PACER for pulling out court records.

Saving  Time And Your  Money

We  at prodigy, handle the majority of the tasks, saving you about 90% of your time. All you have to worry about is taking care of these three things:

  • Client contact sheet
  • Retainer agreement
  • Transmit service request

We handle everything from intake and due diligence to transmitting the petition for your review and filing

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